Public Hearing for the Richfield CAFO

1/10/2017 at 2:00 pm

Adams County Community Center

As a reminder, the public hearing for the CAFO permit for the Richfield Dairy is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2:00 PM. It's important for us to be there and show support. You can speak if you chose to, or submit written comments. Thanks to those of you who have already submitted comments - we need more. See the bullets below if you need ammunition.

Notice also Bob's comments about the Wis Potato and Vegetable Grower lobby's assault on groundwater. This is serious, especially when you consider Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald's comments about ag friendly groundwater legislation right out of the gate in the upcoming legislative session. Our strength is in the tens of thousands of us concerned with protecting our lakes, streams and groundwater, but ONLY IF WE GET UP AND TAKE ACTION! If you're not comfortable writing that e-mail, tell me and I'll write it for you - just reply to this e-mail.

Under the current political climate, citizens like you and me are getting our butts kicked. Think about those decimated lakes around us, those blue-green algae warnings that kept our children and grandchildren out of the lakes this summer and ask yourself what you are going to do to help fix it.

I'm afraid for us and I don't know what else to say to get your attention.