10/6/2016 at 9:41 pm

If You Do Not Want To Hear About Politics - SKIP THIS SECTION

First off, I must say "Thank You" to the folks who may not agree with our endorsement of political candidates but have RESPECTFULLY discussed individual points of view through email or by phone. Your willingness to converse on the issue in a respectful manner is extremely appreciated.  I wish I could say this is how everyone has behaved.

Our core leadership team has chosen to endorse David Gorski for 72nd Assembly and Julie Lassa for Senate District 24 - not because we are all Democrats (believe me, we are not).  We chose to endorse these candidates because the election on November 8th is not about a vote for a Republican or a Democrat, it is a vote for Clean Water and Environmental Protections.

Our leadership team weighed the pros and cons at length, held numerous discussions, and eventually made the decision to endorse. We reached 100% consensus within our multi-partisan group and we stand proudly by our decision to endorse Gorski & Lassa.

As always, if you are interested in helping with either campaign or recieving updates directly from individual political camps regarding events or fundraising gatherings, please get on their individual email lists by accessing the following links.

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