Report Shows Troubling Water Quality Concerns In Nearby Town Of Armenia

According to a water quality study by an independent researcher, the neighbors of the proposed Golden Sands Dairy have a lot to worry about when it comes to the quality of their drinking water.

A study was conducted by Kenneth S. Wade, P.E., P.G. on the Central Sands Dairy owned by Wysocki Family of Companies, located in Juneau County, Town of Armenia. Evidence was found of substantial contamination in both ground and surface waters. This is likely due to poor management practices and no regulatory oversight by the Department of Natural Resources.

The Central Sands Dairy is not compliant with the DNR requirements. Several violations are blatantly evident in this study.

First, the installation of 5 monitoring wells was not reported to DNR in a timely manner consistent with Wisconsin State Law and administrative code requirements.

Second, DNR policy is mandatory self-reporting of water conditions. The Central Sands Dairy failed to notify the DNR of their knowledge that unsafe levels of nitrates existed in their monitoring wells. Nitrates were found to be up to more than 3x the safe standards of 10 mg/l.

Nitrate levels radically changed in one year from 1.3 mg/l in 2009 to 16.2 mg/l in 2010, well in excess of the drinking water standard of 10 mg/l. The increase in nitrates perfectly coincides with clear cutting of forested land for irrigated agriculture. Forested land provides clean groundwater. Irrigated agriculture in permeable soils leaches large amounts of nitrates to ground water. These results were not reported to the DNR. Normally, nitrates at this level would have taken a few years to be noticed. Saratoga residents should be very concerned with this result because it directly correlates to our change of land use from mature perennial forest to annual row crops in high permeable soils susceptible to contamination

Central Sands Dairy is not in conformance with spray irrigation requirements.

E-coli is VERY high (6000 cfu/ml) from irrigation pivot well.

Spud Creek water sample shows the presence of both nitrates and E-coli due to runoff.

Two monitoring wells show evidence that the approximate 30 million gallon manure lagoon’s integrity is compromised. Leakage of manure and contamination of groundwater is occurring.

Central Sands Dairy is over-applying phosphorous when spreading manure on fields

Finally, excessive accumulation of phosphorus in Central Sands Dairies waste application fields appears to be a result of over-application of waste nutrients and poses a risk to Lake Petenwell due to eutrophication impacts.

Ken Wade’s study begs the question: Can our potential “Good Neighbor,” Mr. Wysocki manage a new 6,130 animal unit dairy in the Town of Saratoga when the one he currently operates appears to be contaminating wells, streams, and other surface waters?

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