The DNR is launching a strategic analysis to examine ways to sustainably manage groundwater and surface waters in Wisconsin’s central sands region. The area includes more than 800 miles of trout streams and 300 lakes. Because the area’s sandy soils drain quickly, stream flows and lake water levels are highly influenced by groundwater levels and use. There are concerns over declining water levels and increasing groundwater withdrawals.

We have observed the little Plover River go dry, Lake Huron become a wetland, while Long lake and Plainfield lake have been drastically degraded.

Please take the time to follow the attached link and complete the DNR Survey regarding your concerns with groundwater usage. Just as a warning, it is a timed survey and appears to end prematurely if left unattended. With that said, please attend to the survey at a time when you know you will be able to complete it in its entirety.

DNR Survey

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