An update meeting will be taking place at the Saratoga Town Hall on Saturday March 11 at 1:00pm.

Below is a link to a flyer containing further details on how you can help the cause and for further information. Please pass the flyer along to anybody who may be interested.

CAFO Letter

Agenda items for the meeting include the following:
– Central Sands Dairy (Armenia) DNR Contamination Investigation
– CAFO Catastrophe Speech
– Introduction of our Wood County Board Candidates
– Rome and Saratoga Friendly initiative
– Legislative update
– Proposed Golden Sands Dairy (Saratoga) Update

Water Drive
In conjunction with our town meeting our community group will be hosting a Water Drive for our friends in the Kewaunee County town of Lincoln. The township of Lincoln has been affected in years past with water contamination problems due to the proximity of Dairy CAFOs. Some homeowners have tap water that comes out of their faucets brown due to the over spreading of manure on local fields.

Due to the heavy snowfall and extended winter season the township of Lincoln is expecting a higher than usual water contamination rate and manure run-off problem with the impending spring thaw. This is a wonderful opportunity to help a fellow community and a clear wake up call to all of us as to what could occur here if we choose to quit fighting.

We must remain diligent in our efforts and in this case by assisting where we can to help those already effected by CAFOs.  Please give generously if you can. An enclosed trailer will be set up in the town hall parking lot and individuals will be ready to unload any water donations you can supply. Simply drive your vehicle over and we will do the rest.  Please spread the word. Alternate arrangements for water donations can be made for individuals who are unable to attend the meeting but are willing to donate, please be in touch. Only sealed containers such as bottled water purchased from a store will be able to be accepted.

If you are willing to volunteer your time at the collection trailer on Saturday the 22nd please contact  us. All volunteers are appreciated.

Below is a Fox 11 News cast regarding the water issue in the town of Lincoln.

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