A couple weeks back per Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) request, we reached out to our residence to supply WDNR representatives and officials in the Governors office information regarding socioeconomic impacts the proposed dairy would cause to our town and the surrounding townships in the area. For those of you who may have missed that email or need a refresher as to what exactly was being asked, we have linked it HERE for your convenience.

If you have yet to submit your statement it is not to late. Please take the time to review the above linked email and share your concerns with the identified individuals regarding your socioeconomic impacts. For those of you who have already sent your statement Thank You.

We ask all who have already, or who are planning, to submit a letter to also Cc a member of our group into your statement. We are attempting to create a clearinghouse of concerns that have been shared with the local WDNR and want to verify all concerns are being addressed. We can only do this if you are willing to share your letters with me. We respect your privacy and understand if you are unwilling to share your statements. To all who have already responded to this call to action we appreciate your efforts.

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