Via Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune:

For almost five months, a Wood County committee has studied the issue of manure spraying, but a citizen group is concerned committee members don’t understand or aren’t willing to take action.

Tuesday morning, more than 50 members of the group “Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors” showed up for a meeting of the Wood County Ad Hoc Committee on Spray Waste to support Criste Greening, a member of Protect Wood County, as she presented the group’s concerns.

There are 127 homes that will directly adjoin the fields where the proposed dairy would spread its manure, Greening said. Protect Wood County is concerned about the pathogens contained in the manure, drift of the manure from sprayers, air quality and insect infestation, Greening said.

The committee held a series of fact-finding missions, committee Chairman Ed Wagner, Marshfield, said during Tuesday’s meeting. The committee met with people who have knowledge of the issue, he said. “We think we’re getting the best information available,” Wagner said. Once the committee has heard from everyone it thinks has valuable information, it will look at the facts and reach a consensus on its findings. It then will write a report on the findings, including the opinions of any committee members who disagree, to present to the full Wood County Board, Wagner said.

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