First and foremost I would like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to all the supporters who attended Tuesday’s Manure Ad Hoc Committee meeting. We had a solid showing of about 50 individuals and were able to finally express our concerns to the board.  It was wonderful to have a professional in the industry validate our information with additional facts and talking points.  Gordon Stevenson (ex DNR run-off specialist) did an outstanding job opening the eyes of our county board members.  One can only hope that they quit dragging their feet and start making some solid decisions.

As always we video taped our presentations.  We chose not to create a highlight clip this time as we feel it is important for all our residents to hear both presentations in their entirety.  Although the 2 presentations are long (about 40 min. each) it gives clear evidence to the harm that could come to our health and environment if we do not continue to fight back at every turn. Both presentations will also arm you with solid researched facts to share in the community when discussing the concerns of the proposed CAFO.
Please feel free to contact members of the Ad Hoc Committee with your concerns and encourage them strongly to enact the Precautionary Principle and protect the residents of Wood County from potential harm from spray irrigation of liquid waste.
Manure Irrigation Ad Hoc Committee members include:
Ed Wagner (Marshfield):
Peter Hendler (Marshfield):
Robert Ashbeck (Milladore):
Hilde Henkel (Rudolph):
Donna Rozar (Marshfield):
Bill Leichtnam (Nekoosa):

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