Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In the next couple months we will be facing a pivotal time in our community. The AdHoc committee on manure irrigation is wrapping up their study, the lawsuit initiated by the Wysocki group will again be in front of a judge, and the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is estimated to be released soon igniting a whirl wind of public hearings and input sessions.

Early on in our battle we established a t-shirt fundraising campaign to unite our group and show public support for our cause. Our groups green shirts are recognized far and wide here in Wisconsin. They were bright, loud, and captured the attention so sorely needed at that time.

As we have progressed through this battle our focus centered around preserving the clean air and water of our community and the surrounding area. It is our hope that these new shirts can again be worn by the masses to promote and show support for our cause.

Our next court date against Wysocki is fast approaching, it is our hope to fill the court room with our new shirts and message. You can start placing your orders at any time. In order to receive your t-shirt in time for the up coming court date orders must be placed immediately, even then we can not absolutely guarantee delivery in time.

Displayed below is a picture of the new shirt along with a link to an online order form. Upon completion of the order form you will be sent an invoice via email to submit payment through Paypal. It is not necessary for you to have an individual Paypal account. All orders must be paid in full prior to us placing your order. Please be patient for your payment invoice as I will have to generate these individually, it is not an automated program. Thank you in advance for your understanding.



T-Shirt Order Form

Adult Small – Adult XL – $12.00
Adult 2XL – 5XL – $15.00

Please consider showing your continued support. As always, thank you for all you continue to do.

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