Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The poster below introduces yet another wonderful opportunity offered by Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors group. As we move forward in our opposition to the proposed CAFO, it is essential that we have as many informed and educated supporters in the public community as possible.

Please join us as we host an amazing opportunity to learn about Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs). NMPs are designed, in theory, to protect the citizens and environment from massive amounts of untreated waste which is discarded on the land through various methods of dispersal. Most NMPs are written for large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

The Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors group has paired with Midwest Environmental Advocates and other local experts to present this highly educational program.

All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in this extraordinary opportunity. We ask that you pre-register for the event so appropriate seating and lunch selections can be planned for.

Register Here


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