The community water testing event is ready for kick-off this coming week. As we continue to battle the proposed Wysocki CAFO it is essential for ALL residents to establish a baseline for their residential water wells. We strongly encourage that if you did not get your water tested previously that you take advantage of this great opportunity. If you have had your water tested but it was over 1 year ago we encourage you to do it again to establish that consistent baseline over time.

For those that have already completed a new test independently, we would greatly appreciate a copy of your test results as we continue to gather and construct a community wide picture of our water in this area. These results will also be shared with necessary enforcement agencies to be made part of the public record. If willing to share, please drop off a copy of results at the Saratoga Business Office or send to our P.O. Box @ Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors P.O. Box 1532, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-1532

Pick up water test kits
Thursday April 30th through Saturday May 2nd
Location – Saratoga Business Office (small building by town hall)
Time – 8 AM- 4 PM daily

Drop-off water samples
Sunday May 3rd
Location – Saratoga Business Office (small building by town hall)
Time – 8 AM- 5 PM

To gauge interest and assist in our ability to be as prepared as possible, please complete the attached form if planning to participate. We ask that you complete the form as soon as possible. This does not commit you to participate, but does allow us to be prepared with appropriate quantities of test kits, as well as allow us to notify the UWSP Lab for what to expect.

Water Testing Participation Form

Tests Available

$16.00 Nitrate Only – This test will measure the nitrate level ONLY in your water sample – No additional elements will be tested.

$26.00 Nitrate and Chloride Only – This test will measure both nitrates and chloride. According to the UWSP Lab, changes in chloride levels can also indicate changes with nitrates and land use.

$49.00 Homeowners Package – This test measures numerous aspects of your water such as nitrates, chloride, conductivity, total hardness, alkalinity, pH and bacteria. Conductivity, hardness and alkalinity also are useful for demonstrating there has been a change in water quality.

Other more extensive tests are available for those who are interested – information can be found at the UWSP Water and Environmental Analysis Lab.

Payment for all test will be made to Protect Wood County & its Neighbors, we will then make one payment to the UWSP Lab.

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