I have repeatedly put everyone on notice to expect the DNR to make public their draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) this coming June. We have kept in close contact with DNR folks and have now come to learn that the Wysocki group is again delaying their response to questions posed from the DNR regarding their Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This affects the entire process from moving forward and continues to delay all types of decisions.

Most recent communications indicate that the EIS could be delayed until late summer. The Water Use section is still unclear and constructed models need more time to run as well as other aspects that can not be completed until the Wysocki group supplies requires answers to given questions. So as always … we continue to be in a holding pattern waiting for word that things are moving.

Every day of delay is a positive for us and one more day we have held back the devastation proposed for our community. Stand united and keep up the line of opposition.

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