As many of you know we completed a huge water testing event at the beginning of May. All 231 sample kits were delivered to the UW Lab and preliminary results show exactly what we in this area already know, Saratoga water is of pristine quality.

When speaking with lab personnel they shared that typically for an event of this size it is normal to have about 20% of water samples test positive for bacteria contamination. In our case only 2 out of 200 samples tested positive – that is only 1% instead of the typical 20%. Another brick in the wall of opposition for the proposed dairy.

For those currently on the waiting list for a second event, plans have changed slightly. The UW can not handle another large scale event at this time so instead we will be doing a weekly distribution/drop off of 25-30 samples weekly starting mid June. I have everyone’s contact information and a handful of new volunteers so rest assured we will get the water testing done for all that are wanting to participate.

If there are any last minute folks wanting to get on the waiting list for water testing please email over your information as soon as possible. Keep your eyes posted for upcoming announcements.

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