Members of our group, Bill Leichtnam, Don Ystad and Rhonda Carrell will be doing a 1 hour broadcast on WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio), The Ideas Network FM Station 89.1 on a program called Route 51 with host Glen Moberg. Although we have had airtime on public radio in the past we have never before been offered a 1 hour spot. This is a significant opportunity.

Not only will we be able to continue to spread the word about our battle, it is a wonderful avenue to educate the masses about the environmental devastation the proposed CAFO to Saratoga would bring if it should establish in our a community.

The Wysocki organization has demonstrated a blatant disregard for our concerns and the concerns of surrounding communities who will also be affected. We are very grateful and excited for the opportunity to share with a larger audience our deep concerns and objections to this project.

Be sure to tune in July 30th at 10am on FM Station 89.1 The Ideas Network.

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