Many of you have been following updates provided regarding the 3 high capacity wells (HCW) applied for by Scott Kotlowski across the Wood/Portage County line (Cty U).  These well applications are for the fields on which Wysocki dumped his manure this past Spring and where clear cutting is currently occurring on the corner of Cty U & Hwy 73.

Although we were guaranteed early on by DNR representatives these specific wells would not be permitted until after the Wysocki project was determined, we were notified last week that they indeed signed off on the HCW permits.  Additionally, we also have learned that Wysocki has purchased two of the parcels making the HCW permits under his ownership and under the business heading of Agri-Alliance LLC. Can anyone else smell a crooked stinking rat?

This is incredibly frustrating for all closely watching this situation as we have recieved through Open Records the stream flow data gathered over the past four years indicating clearly how the HCWs severely impact the stream flow of our 10 Mile Creek.  During the agricultural growing season when irrigation is occurring across the county line (on Wysocki fields) our 10 Mile stream flow is significantly impacted.  Due to these concerns I created a document requesting an Environmental Assessment be done on these specific wells, unfortunately it was blatantly and outright denied by the DNR.

We are not done fighting the permitting of these wells and are currently weighing our options.  Our next step is yet to be determined – stay tuned for further updates.

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