Friends and Neighbors,

The date is set, January 11th, 2018 our case against Wysocki will be heard in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Although this news broke quite a while back, there was the chance for extension requests and/or other delays, therefore, we kept silent on the news until we were positive the date would stick. It officially appears January 11th will be our day in court.

Cases in front of the Supreme Court follow a very formal and structured format. Due to this, Saratoga’s legal team has asked that citizen supporters NOT attend the oral argument proceedings. We ask all our followers please adhere to the legal teams request and continue to wait patiently for the outcome and judgment decision to be handed down later this spring. Most likely we will not hear a deciding judgment until March or April of this year. Once again, we have more waiting ahead.

It is important to clarify the basis of the Supreme Court case as we continue to hear many residents misunderstanding what our current case is about. The case before the Supreme Court is about vested rights to the thousands of acres of land Wysocki purchased in Saratoga. In a very simplistic nutshell, the court will be deciding if Wysocki can clear-cut and crop the thousands of acres of land he purchased after Saratoga’s zoning was in place. The court is not determining if Wysocki has the right to build the buildings and/or the CAFO, simply if he has the right to use the land for his identified purpose which is in conflict with Saratoga’s zoning. This battle has been a very complicated web of twist and turns, surely one for the record books.

We will keep everyone informed as we continue through the next few months.

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