Local organization Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors (PWC) is launching a refreshed website and system for communicating news and updates, organization leadership announced today.

Founded in 2012 by a group of area residents, PWC has worked closely with the Town of Saratoga’s board, legal counsel and communications team with respect to the Wysocki Family of Companies’ proposed Golden Sands Dairy siting in Saratoga.

“Residents have really come together to preserve our community’s water, air and property values,” said Rhonda Carrell, an organizing member. “We are so thankful to all who have shown interest and support.”

Residents who are interested in receiving occasional updates regarding the Golden Sands Dairy issue or in becoming involved, can contact the organization in one of two ways, Carrell said. Those who prefer to receive updates via email should visit PWC’s refreshed website, protectwoodcounty.org, and follow the prompts to opt in. Those who prefer to receive updates via mail or phone should call Carrell (715.325.2467) or Nancy Koch (715.213.1113).

Contact information will never be sold or shared and updates will be sent only occasionally, Carrell said, more often if the status of things changes quickly.

“It is important to update our communication list with those who are interested in being in the loop, in a manner that works most effectively for each person,” Carrell said. “We are aware that some people do not use computers or have email addresses but we want to make sure they are able to stay involved and informed.”