52332b89-e279-4fc4-a7e4-f0c6d3aeb823Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors is asking for your help to design “Go Away Wysocki” signs that will be displayed along roadways and in yards!

The rules are simple:

  1. The sign must have 6 or fewer words, so it will be readable from a distance.  Symbols are allowed (see #2 & 3 below).
  2. No obscenities or foul language.
  3. No violence or threats of violence.
  4. The message should pertain to the fact that we have had enough of Wysocki and want them to go away – out of our community!
  5. The deadline is August 30, 2018.
  6. Submit your ideas to PWC via the website http://www.protectwoodcounty.org or email protectwoodcounty@gmail.com.
  7. PWC committee will select the top two signs, and the winners will receive $25 each!

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