The Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force, comprised of many Wisconsin representatives and senators, was created in February 2019.  The goal of this task force was to: (1) identify best practices for testing and data collection, measuring water quality in different parts of the state, and types of soil; (2) determine the sources and causes of contaminants impacting water quality; (3) consult with stakeholders to assess current practices to manage runoff as well as suggestions to improve these efforts; (4) investigate remedies that will protect a healthy and stable supply of water for residents and industry; and (5) study best practices for designing and constructing wells and septic systems to safeguard a healthy water supply.

Throughout the spring and summer, the Speaker’s Task Force listened to Wisconsin citizens and stakeholders in every region in the state. Although perspectives vary regarding funding priorities and solutions, the task force heard a resounding theme: water quality is crucially important to the health and vitality of our state’s people, industries, and natural resources. Under the leadership of Representative Todd Novak, chair, and Representative Katrina Shankland, vice-chair, the task force is pleased to submit a bipartisan slate of recommendations to improve water quality in Wisconsin.

Click HERE to read the report.  Be sure to provide feedback to your representatives!

Water Quality Task Force Website

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